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Job Description

TITLE:                        Filling Operator

REPORTS TO:           Packaging Supervisor

FLSA STATUS:          Non-Exempt

WAGE CLASS:          Class VII (Night Shift-$23.40/hr, Days – $22.40/hr)

This position is open to any qualified INDIVIDUAL regardless of sex, race, age, color, religion, national origin or disability.

position purpose:

Operating various carton or plastic bottle filling equipment in a high speed beverage operation to ensure product meets proper package integrity and customer configuration requirements.  Housekeeping and sanitation of the equipment and work area is required.


  • Operation of various coding equipment and filling machinery according to standard operating procedures and operating manuals.
  • Verify all CCP (Critical Control Point) parameters are being met as listed on the operator log.
  • Prepares and supplies the appropriate filling materials and chemicals to begin production and ensure equipment is functioning safely and properly.
  • Monitors the performance of the coders to insure the packages are being properly coded.  Also changes the code as required.
  • Monitors the flow of product through the filling equipment.  Takes prompt action to correct any problems at work stations which may cause production flow to decrease.
  • Correctly follow the startup and shutdown procedures.
  • Stays alert to mechanical performance of the filling equipment.  Promptly notifies the supervisor and/or maintenance mechanic if the equipment malfunctions.
  • Monitors the overall quality of the packaged product and the packaging material.
  • Completes all paperwork related to the filling equipment operation, such as usage reports, loss reports, and downtime logs.
  • During the operation of filling equipment lines, light housekeeping duties are also required.
  • Some cleaning requirements due to product and/or packaging changeovers include tear down of equipment and extensive cleaning and housekeeping duties.
  • Accurately generate production and quality related reports.
  • Perform a variety of quality related checks.
  • Ensure no faulty packages leave the filler area.
  • Ensure the correct package coding and materials are used.
  • Record all faults and/or possible fault on the necessary reports.
  • Adhere to Company Policies, Procedures, and Rules.
  • Create and maintain a clean and sanitary working environment.
  • Performs all work in a safe, efficient and cooperative manner.
  • Maintain a positive, team-oriented attitude.
  • Perform any other work duties as assigned.

Physical Demands:

Some potential physical demands.

  • Use roll clamp to maneuver 264 pound roll of package material approximately 12 feet to filler bay; pump hydraulic handle to elevate; turn roll from horizontal to vertical position.
  • Dump totes of start-up water products from the floor to a hopper 42 inch high.
  • Remove two package products at random, walk 60 feet to sink area, use scissors to make 16 multiple cuts to examine package seams every 30 minutes.
  • Inject ½ cc dye into one seam per package to confirm integrity of the seal.
  • Push full hopper of waste products weighing 500-1000 pounds approximately 125 feet to be taken by a second employee for proper disposal.
  • Climb one flight of stairs (12 steps) every 30 minutes to record three temperature checks, approximately 60 feet total distance.
  • Input key strokes on vertical computer panel 57 inches high.
  • Data hand written on standard forms, carried on a clip board.
  • Lift two 57 pound tanks of hydrogen peroxide each 12 hour shift from a table height of 43 inches to a sanitation compartment 26 inches from the floor.
  • Once a week, change out 5 gallon sanitizer (approx. 45 pounds) pumping from a 55 gallon stock barrel.

Basic task cycles may vary depending on equipment and product type.

Change package roll material.                         3-4 times/ 12 hour shift

Dump totes floor to hopper.                             2-3 times/ 30 min. cycle

Dissect package, check seals                         2 times/ 30 min. cycle

Syringe injection to verify seal                        2 times/ 30 min. cycle

Push full hopper of waste                               1 time/ 2-3 hours

Climb 12 steps                                               1 time/ 30 min. cycle

Input/ record data                                           Occasional/ 30 min. cycle

Change out hydrogen peroxide tanks             1 time/ 12 hour shift

Change out 5 gallon sanitizer                          1 time/ week


Moderate on the job training.  High School Diploma, GED, or relevant work experience preferred.


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