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Job Description


TITLE:                   PART TIME ONLY Packaging Equipment Operator

2 Days a week schedules

(Tuesday & Wednesday) OR (Wednesday & Thursday)

No Benefits – No Overtime

Schedules are Nights and Days 12 hr. shift 6am-6:30pm/ 6 pm – 6:30am

REPORTS TO:            Packaging Supervisor

FLSA STATUS:          Non-Exempt

WAGE CLASS:          Class VII (Night Shift-$20 /hr., Days – $19/hr.)

This position is open to any qualified INDIVIDUAL regardless of sex, race, age, color, religion, National origin or disability.

position purpose:

Operating various downline packaging equipment in a high speed beverage operations to ensure proper packaging and storage of various products.  Housekeeping and sanitation of the equipment and work area is required.


  • Global operation of various packaging machines including automatic case packers, display wrap applicators, labelers, coding equipment, automatic cappers, straw applicators, plastic sleeve applicators and other associated equipment.
  • Periodic operations of automatic and manual palletizing of finished goods cases.
  • Prepares and supplies the packaging equipment to begin production by making sure that each piece of equipment is functioning properly, and that the boxes will properly go through the equipment.
  • Monitors the performance of the coders to insure the packages are being properly coded.  Also changes the code as required.
  • Monitors the flow of product through the packaging equipment.  Takes prompt action to correct any problems at work stations which may cause production flow to decrease.
  • Stays alert to mechanical performance of the packaging equipment.  Promptly notifies the supervisor and/or maintenance mechanic if the equipment malfunctions.
  • Monitors the overall quality of the packaged product and the packaging material.
  • Completes all paperwork related to the packaging equipment operation, such as usage reports, loss reports, and downtime logs.
  • During the operation of packaging equipment lines, light housekeeping duties are also required.
  • Some cleaning requirements due to product and/or packaging changeovers include tear down of equipment and extensive cleaning and housekeeping duties.
  • Performs all work in a safe, efficient and cooperative manner.
  • Performs any other work duties as assigned.

Physical Demands:

  • Employee is expected to be able to work on any of the lines in any position with the exception of the filling machines.
  • The front ends of the lines are mostly automated.
  • Several of the flexible packaging lines include display wrap applicators.  A job requirement of operating this equipment is to lift and carry the 45 pound cases of blank display wraps into the work area and place onto a table, approximately 36 inches in height.  Additionally, these cases have to be opened and the display wraps installed into the magazine of the machine.  A “handful” (est. 6 pounds must be picked up and placed into the magazine of the equipment.  The magazine is appx. 51 inches from the floor.
  • In almost all cases, the cartons are automatically boxed on the line by means of automatic box erectors and feeders.  The employee has to lift and stack the unopened and unfilled boxes and place them into the carton magazine of the equipment.  The elevations of the carton magazines in which the unopened boxes have to be positioned range from as low as 34 inches up to 61 inches.  Stacks of approximately 15 or more boxes are grasped by both hands and placed into the carton magazine.  These stacks weigh up to 25 pounds.  They have to be lifted from as low as 4.5 inches from the ground.
  • Once the finished goods are boxed and sealed automatically, some lines have to be hand stacked onto a pallet.  The packages have to be lifted from the end of the line.  The lowest of the end of the conveyor lines is at 28 inches and the highest is at 40 inches.  On the 40 inch lines, the finished goods package weighs up to 25 pounds and has to be lifted from the 40 inches up to 53 inches or down to 4.5 inches.  On the 28 inch line, the package can weigh up to 28.2 pounds and has to be lifted up to 43 inches or down to 4.5 inches.
  • The heaviest packages can be handled at a rate of up to 6.1 cases per minute.   The highest cases per minute on any line is 19.7 pounds.  Pallets weighing up to 80 pounds each have to be removed from a stack of varying heights, carried to the palletizing area and then placed onto the floor.  A loaded pallet is moved utilizing a forklift to storage.
  • Additionally, another frequent requirement of performing Packaging Operator duties includes the physical ability to clear jambs from the packaging equipment.  These tasks require pushing, pulling, grasping and occasionally bending or stooping using various amounts of force to extract the jammed material.

Other Activities:


Activity Occasional






Sitting X
Walking X
Standing X
Bending neck X
Twisting neck X
Bending Waist X
Twisting Waist X
Squatting X
Climbing X
Kneeling X
Crawling X
Stooping X
Simple grasp right X
Power grasp right X
Fine manipulation right X
Pushing/pulling right X
Reach above right shoulder X
Simple grasp left X
Power grasp left X
Fine manipulation left X
Pushing/pulling left X
Reach above left shoulder X
Pushing/pulling up to 10 lbs. X
Pushing/pulling up to 20lbs. X
Pushing/pulling up to 50 lbs. X
Pushing/pulling up to 100 lbs. X
Pushing/pulling over 100 lbs. X
Lifting up to 10 lbs. X
Lifting up to 20 lbs. X
Lifting up to 50 lbs. X
Lifting up to 100 lbs. X
Lifting over 100 lbs. X


Moderate on the job training.  High School Diploma, GED, or relevant work experience preferred.

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